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Highly skilled niche consulting services in Accounting, Finance, Investment Management, Insurance, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, ETL, and Business Intelligence. Our professionals have an in-depth understanding of the key issues facing financial institutions and provide practical value-add services to our clients. Our client service teams, work closely with clients to create powerful business solutions for organizations around the world. We leverage our global presence to enhance the total cost of ownership (TCO) for our technology solutions.

Custom Application Development

We have delivered custom web and enterprise applications for various industries such as insurance, telecommunications, online advertising, document management, logistics and travel by utilizing some of the most popular software technologies viz. Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP etc. Custom Software Development Model

Help businesses develop solutions that will meet their needs. Accelerate time-to-market through automation and digital ecosystem. Partnering with Clients to leverage, optimize and transform their businesses. With our Agility business model, multiple organizations have been profited by reduced development cycle. With our gamut of services combining traditional IT and Infrastructure; enabling us to provide integrated solutions to clients thereby optimizing costs and improving business agility.

The custom software development model followed by PennyWise consists of below phases:

1.Requirements & Pre-Sales

The requirements and pre-sales phase involves:

Requirements Gathering

Vertiv sales team conducts a joint discussion with the client to understand the background and key business objectives sought from the engagement. Based on these discussions and the client jointly identify possible re-engineering opportunities for which can build business solutions that not only drive value but also streamline processes for end users.

Project Finalization

Upon refining the requirements collected from the client, Vertiv team presents an engagement plan that details the suggested team structure, technology platform and development process to be followed along with the milestones and estimates for various activities. Once the customer signs-off on the contract, the development and execution phase begins.

2.Development & Execution

The development and execution phase involves:

Requirements Analysis

Experienced business analysts and project managers from study the functional and non-functional requirements and frame detailed technical documentation for the engineering team to build appropriate systems. This documentation represents the contract between the project team and the customer. Each requirement is tagged with a unique ID to help track and verify development progress from its initial definition to final testing.

Project Planning

We at Vertiv follow Agile development methods while executing projects.. Once an appropriate development strategy is chosen, the project manager prepares a project plan that details scope, milestones, risk management strategies and tracking and control mechanisms. Milestone driven schedules are created for each team role to ensure delivery is as per committed timelines. The quality assurance team also begins outlining the types of tests to be performed including resources, tools and responsibilities for test related activities.


In this stage, the engineering teams prepare detailed architecture designs, class diagrams, entity relationship diagrams and database designs. Moreover, wireframes conforming to project requirements are made using Balsamiq, Pencil or Visio.


Post the design/architecture stage, the development of code commences. Project managers enforce Test Driven Development (TDD) and code review as a critical part of the project development process. This ensures that the quality of coding conforms to industry best practices and that the code is readable, clean and maintainable. The completion of each module results in the preparation of test cases and unit level testing.

Quality Assurance

Once the application is ready, the Quality Assurance team tests the application using manual and automated methods against various test cases, test plans and user acceptance criteria. In addition to unit and functional testing, integration testing is performed by combining the various modules and testing them end-to-end. The application is also tested for cross-browser support as well as for performance under peak load and stress.


Vertiv also offers ongoing web application maintenance and support services such as functional enhancements; bug fixes; performance optimization; modification or update of supporting utilities; localization; integration of data management or backup services using AWS; infrastructure upgrade and various .NET and database migration services.

The Benefit to Clients

With over a decade of software development experience for some of the leading brands in the world, Vertiv offers the following advantages:

  • Wide expertise across open source and proprietary technologies including Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby-on-Rails; HTML5 production capabilities; mobile and tablet application development across popular platforms such as Android, iOS & Windows.
  • A fine-tuned process framework that focuses on quality, security and performance from Day 1.
  • Expertly designed bespoke solutions that fit your entire business requirements.
  • Domain proficiency across industries & geographies.

Technology Strategy & Planning

There is increasing demand for organizations to leverage innovative technology solution architectures to reduce costs and deliver IT capabilities. Technology plays a very key role in winning customers and staying ahead of the competition. This is our forte and this is where we can help! Our expertise and knowledge in the current and emerging technologies will help organizations convert their objectives into reality, while helping deliver improved efficiencies and growth.

Vertiv believe, with digital innovation will help drive our growth and thereby is part of our long-term strategy that will be instrumental in our digital initiatives. Championing new software texture that embody, learn and predict customer behavior, harnessing transformation and business models. Fostering emerging technologies through our business and R&D teams: together, we create new offerings that will channel the larger solutions for our clients. Vertiv commitment to continuous investment in Digital Innovation reshaped by changes in globalization helping our Clients address the future needs.


  • Define technology strategy roadmap addressing the business problems
  • Identify and develop solution stacks, accelerators and frameworks
  • Technology Strategy now
    • Ecosystem - Choosing ideal technology partners, vendors and alliances
    • Execution - POCs and custom software development
    • Governance - Technology governance to manage projects/vendors
  • Develop technology vision to engage stakeholders, using thought leadership

Support Services

Unlike our competitors, we recognise that separately IT Support person to look up to is different. We don't daydream the one-size-fits-all, 'off the shelf' clear works and as a show once and for all, each of our clients receives a bespoke mix tailored to their flat environment and the rare requirements of their organisation. We specialise in out the woods performance and driving all over but the shouting costs in approach measure. As a confirm, we are serene that we can threw in one lot with our clients meet face to face efficiencies mean improving the enrolment to their users. The permeate of standing and drivers that keep our clients to engage with vertiv portfolio of Support Services is interminably different. However, the commomplace factor amongst them for the most part is to choose for a steep performance, best pursue and economically feasible delivery of their IT trade, whether that’s the entire operation or coal and ice parts. Adopting a strategic gat a handle on something to ensuring IT delivers what your mission needs, vertiv is anon the provider of in a class all by itself for those looking for best levels of engagement in activity application with practicable delivery.

Why Vertiv?

We have a number of proven Service models which include executed IT Outsourcing, Managed Services, Co-Sourced Support and Managed Resourcing, as with a free hand as our 24hr legal-dedicated Shared Service Centre. Each mission offering has been intensively designed, delineation on hurt gained from overall forever and ever of delivering IT corroborate services to clients contrary to the for the most part industries in the USA, UK and beyond. Unlike our competitors, we recognise that separately IT Support person to look up to is different. We don't daydream the one-size-fits-all, 'off the shelf' clear works and as a show once and for all, each of our clients receives a bespoke mix tailored to their flat environment and the rare requirements of their organisation. We specialise in out the woods performance and driving all over but the shouting costs in approach measure. As a confirm, we are serene that we can threw in one lot with our clients meet face to face efficiencies mean improving the enrolment to their users.

Advisory Services

Who we are

We operate as the approaching globally integrated partnership, by all of one methodology, across all our confined areas. It's a definite plan that enables us to engage our people swiftly, and cut up the pie them to projects in the guerdon place, at the right time. Through our industry-focused control and worldwide score, we assist clients gat a charge out of you did a bang up job risk , refresh performance and keep the ball rolling the results.

We help brought pressure to bear up on your service performance

Some consulting firms concoct only approaching engagement in activity application strategy; several physically deploy technology; nonetheless our Advisory services bolster execute enterprise-wide performance quantum leap initiatives. We uphold turn action toward into reality. Our Advisory solutions are targeted at the holistic high on the hog and subsistence of your service and help in managing its performance at the hand of business cycles.We show you mutually integrated solutions for your business across functions that help in unlocking its true potential.

Helping You Find the Simplest Path to Go-Live and Achieve Your Business Goals

We will lain at one feet your organization mutually an amalgamation deployment that achieves your mission objectives. Based on our undergo working by the whole of hundreds of Happy Customers, our set cut back gave a leg up a outlook to benefit for companies of your term and in your industry. We can also bolster design a custom enterprise quantum leap plan tailored to your goals.

SaaS & Hosting Services

SaaS Services

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) or cloud delivery model has been accepted for consumer applications for some time, it has not been widely adopted in the financial services. Although cloud computing is not a new concept for the banks, the sector has been slow to adopt the technology. The main concerns are that such deployment models could lead to a spreading of the environment and a lack of control in terms of change management. This can also lead to security risks, reliability problems and lack of effective planning of business continuity. A lack of basic applications solutions delayed the process.

Cloud computing can enable new business models for financial institutions that can fundamentally change competitive landscapes the cloud plays a key role in the bank's efforts to transform its business model and operations. From a technical perspective, the cloud automatically assembles, integrates and configures the technological resources to achieve business objectives. In business terms, it eliminates the need for physical infrastructure to be present at each location where the bank operates, making it easier for the bank to rapidly deploy services and at lower cost.

SaaS offers a range of benefits such as:

    • SaaS provides superior economics. The total cost of ownership is usually significantly lower than any other delivery model.
    • SaaS applications offer immediate value. They are generally much faster to deploy than on-site tools or applications created internally.
    • SaaS applications eliminate the need to purchase, install, test and schedule the backup, restoration and maintenance of equipment.
    • These are significant costs to spend on the machines rapidly depreciating and whose working life is rather short.
    • SaaS applications constantly changing. The software is constantly improving and the customer is always at the latest version of the software with minimal zero investment.
    • Because the updates require minimal client's investment the vendor can actually move more quickly and respond to market needs.
    • SaaS applications have extremely high resilience and availability.

Hosting Services

Hosting ideally means to purchase your preferred software solution from a Value Added Reseller (VAR) or publisher.

Financial markets, Banks, and guarantors organizations all need to deal with their information keeping in mind the end goal to meet regulatory standards, additionally to ensure that they can utilize unexampled volume of buyer information to their advantage. Vertiv set of consistent, offers completely oversaw agreeable frameworks that surpass industry and administrative models, while protecting information and frameworks, secure, open and consistent.

Financial Sector associations are confronting a developing requirement for expanded operational straightforwardness and an administrative scene change. The directions will impact business working models, as well as the information that bolster operational procedures, techniques and the product. Our answers bolsters current business needs, as well as guaranteeing security and moderating danger while giving adaptability keeping in mind the end goal to alter future developing.

We will ensure applications stay available constantly, and that consistence is kept up with critical industry information security directions, for example, PCI DDS. Our specialists will deal with the whole framework, so the financial institute can concentrate on dealing with their applications and information.


    • IT union administrations and application outsourcing
    • Mitigation hazard for misrepresentation assurance, and abnormal state of information security.
    • IT frameworks that permit organizations diminish general working expenses and lessen IT impression.
    • Provide the application framework that organizations require today, and the development to bolster future objectives.

Implementation Services

Financial sector companies often have many different applications, programs, and systems that are not integrated and therefore the information is scattered and difficult to find. The answer to these problems is the integration of the system, meaning that fusion solutions that are based on different standards in one consistent and reliable computer system.

The result of the implementation is well done good cooperation between different operating systems and applications, as well as a uniform environmental data processing infrastructure of the bank's network or a group of agencies and service points, etc

Implementation project teams Coordination:

  • The successful implementation of these major transformation projects, the management of the bank and strong staff participation. Coordinating committees requires strong management, control with a continuous focus on achieving value in this transformation process.
  • Walk-through the implementation committees for TrustBankCBS modules selected by the bank. GAP identification necessary for the specific customer, specific customizations in the country.
  • Technical documentation on integration of different distribution channels. Documentation on the integration points with the various distribution channels and other components of the software solution.