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Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management is the process of ensuring a bank or credit union remains financially viable through adequate capital, stable earnings, and sufficient liquidity. Asset Management compares the re-pricing characteristics of assets and liabilities in the context of the entire balance sheet. Included in this analysis is the amount each rate will change. As an Asset Management advisor, Vertiv’s Asset Management solution is designed to promote the financial stability of banks and credit unions. We provide reports that value Asset and Liability Management in financial institutions. Asset Management is used to monitor financial institution's risk and provide board members with valuable information on the financial institution's market position. Asset Management is an important tool for proper bank financial management.

To have an effective Asset Management policy, a financial institution must determine their:

  • Acceptable levels of risk
  • Change of income
  • Change of equity
  • Necessary actions to take to help them achieve their goals.

Our Asset Management solutions provide bank and credit union professionals with the information necessary to make the most informed decisions and add income to their financial institution's bottom line.

  • Our Asset Management reports surpass all regulatory requirements.
  • We provide quarterly or monthly Asset Management reports and meetings.
  • Our Asset Management reports are formatted for all levels of management and are a beneficial tool for modeling the financial institution in many different interest rate scenarios.

Composite Management

Composites are the cornerstone of GIPS compliance, which is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for verifying performance numbers used in marketing and promotions. Yet creating and maintaining composites is arguably the biggest challenge to becoming compliant—and the biggest deterrent to firms that remain non-compliant. The effort, however, is worth it if you want to reap the competitive advantage that compliance confers.

Performance & Analytics GIPS is a multi-currency composite solution that simplifies the composite management and calculation process, provides greater flexibility for GIPS reporting and supports greater operational consistency. The GIPS is a set of standardized, industry-wide ethical principles that guide investment firms on how to calculate and present their investment results to prospective clients, ensuring consistency and transparency of the investment firm results. Asset managers and asset owners have trusted Unity Performance & Analytics GIPS composite to provide investors’ confidence in their service and to drive future growth since 2009.


  • Achieve compliance with present and future GIPS standards.
  • Multi-currency and multilingual.
  • Flexible and easy installation with fast implementation timelines.
  • Greater operational efficiency, built-in workflow and automation that streamlines composite maintenance, calculation and reporting process.
  • Robust reporting to external auditors and clients.
  • Provision of benchmark data through Unity Index Reporting.


  • Import returns and market values or seamlessly integrate with Unity Performance & Analytics performance engine
  • Allocation of portfolio to composites automated through our rules engine or manual, based on client requirements
  • Identify and track changes to composites over time using timelines (e.g. joiners & leavers)
  • Track changes to management style, restrictions, objectives and other properties of the portfolios
  • Define rules for policies and composites
  • Calculate composite using any approved GIPS methodology
  • Full range of ex-post risk measures available at composite level
  • Lock approved data to prevent unauthorized changes and ensure consistent and compliant reporting
  • Manage by exception to find missing data and outliers. Unity Performance & Analytics is designed to automate the data checking process through our built-in workflow and dashboard monitoring tool
  • Robust and flexible reporting through our reporting library with over 30 standard report templates which can be modified and customized to support the marketing needs and the specific information needs of external auditors and clients
  • Customized composite presentation with your logo and user-defined GIPS disclosures
  • Bulk data exports
  • Automated report generation and disclosure creation process
  • Multiple permission rights for users, control user functionality and data access to share GIPS information throughout the organization

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Module gives investment managers more control over their portfolio. Our integrated, customizable, transparent and efficient portfolio management solution provides clients highly sophisticated reporting functions and improves their ability to meet their internal and external reporting requirements effectively.

  • Real-time configuration/creation of Product and Asset Class
  • Real-time configuration/creation of Portfolio
  • Supports Position and NAV Calculations
  • Supports Record Keeping
  • Supports Client and Management Reporting
  • Enhanced Record Keeping
  • Advanced Charting and Graphing Features

Solution Benefits

  • Low cost of integration and maintenance
  • Reduced time to market
  • Considerably less time required for calculations. Performance efficient
  • Supports complex and real-time calculations
  • Integrity, Transparency and Auditability of data is maintained
  • Flexible architecture makes it easier to incorporate changes
  • Feature-rich analytics

vertiv's market risk management gives you the power to bring together information from across your organization, combine different instrument types into one portfolio, perform scenario and stress tests, calculate at-risk measures and deliver customized reporting back to a user.

Production & Position Management

  • Position Management: Each budgeted provision will have a unique permanent position number, that it will retain over time, whether vacant or filled, when reclassified, and through various other changes. A new action number is assigned for each action taken (e.g., stipend, reclassification, etc.), but the position number will not change.
  • Position Description Library: Once approved, a position description is retained in the Library, with its unique position number. It can be accessed there for use to initiate various personnel actions.
  • Compensation Actions: PSS and MSP position actions including classification review, stipend, equity and position description updates and approvals are handled through PeopleAdmin.
  • Recruitment and Hiring Actions: Using an approved position description from the Library, the department can accomplish various tasks related to hiring such as initiating recruitment or confirming a hiring decision. For details on the Recruitment process refer to the Requisition/Recruitment and User Guide.


Holdings and transaction based attribution analysis module is an equity and fixed income attribution tool measuring returns, contributions to return and attribution effects from security level to total fund level.

  • Accurate insight into portfolio returns
  • Accurate information about contribution to returns
  • Easy to customize
  • Allocation, selection, interaction
  • Absolute and relative attribution
  • Arithmetic and geometric approach
  • Yield curve based analysis